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Get the best results for your project by involving our team from the start. Our Design-Build approach offers an integrated framework that encourages high-level collaboration between designer and builder.

The design phase is the ideal time for designers and builders to come together and determine the constructability of your home or facility. 

Our early participation ensures your project team is guided on cost, schedule, and constructability throughout the design process. In this way, Design+Build is the framework that reduces your risk while encouraging high-level collaboration between designer and builder.

  • Design and construction services are provided under one contract with a single point of responsibility and accountability.
  • Design-Build professionals work as a team and are contractually committed to the success of the project from start to finish.
  • Owner’s control of the entire build/design process is strengthened and financial risk is reduced.
  • Design-Build team, working closely with its client, accurately conceptualizes the completed project at an early stage.
  • Cost implications of design and material selections are explained before buy-out.
  • Continuous estimating during design results in accurate construction costs far sooner than traditionally possible.
  • Project feasibility and financing are set well in advance of final construction documents.
  • Design and construction processes are overlapped resulting in elimination of bidding periods and lengthy redesigns.
  • Long lead time purchases can be made and project schedules anticipated before design is finalized.
  • Subcontractor (MEP) conferences bring awareness of potential conflicts allowing for adjustments to designs and schedules prior to specific phases of construction.
  • Total project duration is significantly reduced, resulting in earlier utilization and superior project value for the owner.
  • Both design and construction expertise is brought to bear upon all components of a project from pre-design to closeout.
  • Alternate systems, materials and methods are evaluated accurately and proposed early reducing the need for change orders.
  • Ambiguities that may arise in material and construction specifications are immediately addressed and clarified.
  • Design-Builder is contractually responsible for performance and is, therefore, motivated to consolidate resources in order to deliver a premium product.

quotes left Having GLA Morris, as a builder, involved in the design process from the beginning was a win-win for the client.  Feasibility and constructability were decided as a team effort early on which cultivates a partnership that continues throughout the design-build process.  Their excellent communication ensures that all parties — the client, architect, contractor and subcontractor — are aligned with the vision, refinements, and goals.  The result keeps the remodel process as efficient and reasonable as possible.”

Elise Fett, Architect
Elise Fett & Associates, Ltd.



Today’s projects grow more complex as modern designs call for integrated systems promoting innovation and sustainability. That’s why GLA Morris believes your project’s success begins with a properly planned project. Proper planning means there must be a commitment to a project management process involving all stakeholders throughout each phase.

Pre-Project Consulting

Our services begin with pre-project consulting. Here, areas involving feasibility, design, estimating and sustainability are discussed with engineers and architects to determine the overall constructability of your project.

  • Design / Constructability Review
  • Pre-design collaboration
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Assessments
  • Conceptual Cost Estimating / Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM)
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Preliminary Schedule Development / Milestone Scheduling
  • Environmental / Sustainability Assessments
  • Construction Phasing Evaluation

Pre-Construction Analysis

Once constructability of design is achieved, a project scope is defined, estimates are converted to budgets, and lead times become schedules coordinated with subcontractors.

Pre-construction services ensure your project’s success throughout all phases of ground-up construction.

  • Requirements Identification
  • Design Collaboration
  • Value Analysis
  • Visualization + Conflict Modeling via BIM
  • Environment / Sustainability Review
  • Total Cost of Ownership Assessment
  • Estimating / Gross Maximum Price
  • Buyout / Subcontractor Selection
  • Subcontractor Pre-construction Conferences
  • Scheduling


GLA Morris goes beyond the minimum inspection standard by implementing our own quality controls. We are committed to providing the industry’s highest testing solutions while ensuring production flows smoothly from start to finish.

  • Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP) Reviews
  • Benchmarking
  • System + Component Mock-Ups
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Rolling Inspection Lists


Completion means more than passing your final inspection or checking off punch lists. Our closeout service is customizable to your project and involves commissioning, facilities system training, move management consulting, and warranty service.  Important electronic documents such as lien releases, as-built drawings, and operation & maintenance manuals are securely transferred to you so as to bring total resolution of your project.

  • Commissioning
  • Move Management Consulting
  • Facilities Systems Training
  • Electronic Document Delivery
  • Warranty Service

Our project team provides over 100 years of specialization in all phases of commercial & residential construction. We’re here to help develop your concept and build your vision. 

quotes left I’m very happy with the progress being made. It’s nice to be ahead of schedule.”

Todd Davidson, Developer
Tahoe Beachfront Residences



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